Waters Lab

NSF Grant to support new Drosophila epigenetics-to-metabolism research

With funding from the NSF EPSCOR program and in collaboration with colleagues across the country, we’re embarking on a 4-year mission to investigate epigenetic mechanisms of thermal adaptation in Drosophila

Strobing in Opisthopsis

Exploring the natural history and biomechanics of a fast moving australian ant

Acorn ant nest x-ray microtomography

We used x-ray imaging and 3D visibility graph analysis to study the internal structure of acorn ant nests.

Posters from the lab

Gallery of our posters and #scicomm tips.

Rhode Island Bioblitz 2018

Point Judith, South Kingston, RI

Stratham Bioblitz 2018

How many species can you find?

Rhode Island Bioblitz 2017

Snake Den State Park

One-inch Ant Buttons

Just finished making our second series of one-inch buttons.

Ant, Wasp, or Fly?

Myrmecothea myrmecoides, a picture-winged fly, photographed in Providence, RI.

Swarm Simulation

R code for a dynamic swarm simulation and exporting frames to make an animation.

Rev. C. V. Reichart, O.P.

Fr. Reichart was Providence College’s greatest entomologist.


Fungus tending ants in New England?

Allometry with R and ggplot2

A simple guide to plotting a metabolic allometry figure with example scaling data and R code. This web page was created based on using the blogdown and Hugo packages to publish an R Markdown document. Markdown is a simple formatting syntax for authoring HTML, PDF, and MS Word documents. For more details on using R Markdown see http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com. In the text below, you should be able to copy all of the code in the gray code chunks and paste it into a script file to replicate the results and figures in R on your own computer.