Waters Lab

Rhode Island Bioblitz 2017

Snake Den State Park

On June 8-9, 2017, we joined the Rhode Island Natural History Survey and naturalists from all over New England to survey the biodiversity at Snake Den State Park in Johnston, Rhode Island.

RINHS Bioblitz 2017 Website: http://rinhs.org/event/rhode-island-bioblitz-2017-johnston/

Photo album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/waterslab/albums/72157694656726372

We identified these 19 ant species:

  • Camponotus chromaiodes
  • Camponotus pennsylvanicus
  • Formica incerta
  • Formica subsericea
  • Lasius alienus
  • Lasius claviger
  • Lasius nearcticus
  • Lasius neoniger
  • Prenolepis imparis
  • Aphaenogaster picea
  • Aphaenogaster rudis
  • Crematogaster lineolata
  • Myrmica n. sp. (AF-smi)
  • Myrmica punctiventris
  • Solenopsis molesta
  • Temnothorax curvispinosus
  • Temnothorax longispinosus
  • Tetramorium caespitum
  • Tapinoma sessile

This was a surprise to us… to find Tetramorium caespitum (T. immigrans) eating or at least chewing away at the base of the stems of young broccoli sprouts, ruining a local farmer’s whole crop:

Tetramorium caespitum immigrans eating broccoli