Waters Lab

Posters from the lab

Gallery of our posters and #scicomm tips.

Tips for making new posters

We usually design posters for presentations at science conferences and symposia. A good poster should complement a presentation, offering visual aids to help communicate the science and promote accessibility of the data and engagement with the main ideas.

You can download a blank template including our Providence College logo in Powerpoint format and sized for a poster 4 feet wide by three feet tall: Poster-template-4x3.pptx

Some of our past posters

We should look into archiving these somewhere (e.g. Figshare) but until we do that, here are a few of our lab posters!

The Ants of Rhode Island
Nicole Korzeniecki, Elizabeth Dougherty, Maria Jussaume, Kathleen Garvey, Jonathan Eckel, and Abigail Swenson

Ants of Rhode Island

Why do strobe ants strobe?
James S. Waters and Terry P. McGlynn

Stobe ants

Metabolic dynamics: from individuals to whole colonies
Nicole Korzeniecki


The secret societies living within an acorn
Daniel Higgins, Scott Kirkton, and James S. Waters

Acorn ants

The Biodiversity of an urban ecological system: ants at Providence College
Joseph Burt

Burt Ants of Providence College

Complexity in ant colonies: Emergence of energetic scaling, respiratory synchrony, and dynamic living structures
James S. Waters

Waters 2014 Physics of Life